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Are you confused about your Medicare options?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Here are some facts.

Fact 1:

Medicare Insurance is confusing and can be overwhelming – there are different types of plans and  within the plan types there are lots of options from lots of different insurance companies. If we weren’t trained and licensed California Medicare agents we’d be confused too!

So we’re really glad you came to our website. Our mission is to help clear up your confusion surrounding Medicare insurance options. You’ve probably come here because you or someone in your family falls into one of the following life situations:

  • Turning 65 within six months to a year

  • 65 or older and losing/thinking of leaving a company group health plan

  • 65 or older and self employed

  • 65 or older with a Medicare Insurance plan and interested in seeing what other plans may be available to you.

  • Younger than 65 and eligible for Medicare disability.

The Medicare Insurance options that may be available to you are described here.

Fact 2: 

In addition to the variety of plans available to you, there are different periods during which you can enroll in and/or change plans. These can vary from year to year based on your specific individual circumstances. It’s important that you understand what these periods are so that you don’t miss out on enrolling in or changing your plan.

Fact 3:

Medicare insurance has its own language and you can become hopelessly lost if you don’t understand the important terms. There are lots of terms you will hear tossed around – things like “AEP”, “IEP”, “Medigap”,”Supplement Plans”, “PDP Plans”, “Advantage Plans”, “PCP” etc.  We speak Medicare Insurance fluently and we will teach you to understand the important terms so that you can make the right decisions for yourself.

Fact 4:

You don’t have to pay someone to get information and advice on Medicare Insurance. Because we are independent insurance agents licensed to work with United Healthcare® Insurance company, our knowledge and experience are available to you for no charge and free of obligation.  We can meet with you individually, you can attend one of our group meetings or we can even set up a private group meeting for you and your friends or family. We are available to make educational presentations for local businesses as well.

Fact 5:

You don’t have to have an insurance agent to sign up for a Medicare plan. You can sign up with a Medicare insurance company on the phone or the internet. But a good Medicare agent will do more than take your information and give you a plan. They will analyze your needs based on your unique situation and present you with options that will met those needs. Once you have your plan, that agent won’t vanish into a black hole. They will be available to you to answer questions that may come up and to help you deal with your Medicare insurance company as needed. We like to believe we’re good agents (and our clients seem to think so as well)!

Choosing the right Medicare plan and agent is an important decision and our goal is to be that agent so we can inform and educate you about the options you have, and help you evaluate which option(s) will best fit your lifestyle, medical needs and finances.

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